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Sunday, February 4th, 2007
9:40 pm
Birmingham due to be on Holiday 14/02/2007
Birmingham's going to be on BBC's Holiday on 14 February.

See http://www.expressandstar.co.uk/video/news/070202_holiday/ for more.

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Thursday, September 28th, 2006
11:43 pm
Anyone know the best way of avoiding booking fees at the Wolves Civic?
Help make the world a better place by undercutting ticket touts! I'm looking for help with avoiding booking fees at the Wolves Civic - please leave your comment at the post in my own journal.

Apologies if you've already seen this in another relevant community!
Tuesday, August 30th, 2005
12:05 pm
Dead Men Walking Gigs Wolves & Birmingham
Dead Men Walking are a group of musicians who have their roots in punk, Goth, new wave and rockabilly and perform classic songs from their careers in ways not always expected!

The line up for this years tour will be
Captain Sensible of the Damned, Mike Peters of The Alarm, Kirk Brandon of Spear of Destiny/Theatre of Hate and Slim Jim Phantom of the Stray Cats.

The will be playing
Wolverhampton Wulfren Hall on Tuesday 27th September 2005.
Ticket info 01902 552121 or through the normal outlets
Birmingham Academy Thursday 20th October 2005.
Ticket info 0870 771 2000 or through the normal outlets

I have seen them on previous tours and its a great night out with a real mix of songs from Stray Cat Strut to Westworld to 68 Guns to Anarchy in the UK to She Sells Sanctuary and many more getting an airing. In the past previous members of the line up and "special guests" for one off shows have included The Sex Pistols Glen Matlock, The Cult's Billy Duffy, Bruce Watson of Big Country, Pete Wylie the Mighty Wah and Mick Jones of the Clash. Have heard rumours of special guests turning up for some of the tour. The new member for this tour is the Captain so could be interesting versions of Happy Talk, New Rose and Eloise amongst others getting an airing.

More info and full tour info is at http://www.deadmenwalking.co.uk
Thursday, March 31st, 2005
4:33 pm

^^ click flyer for band website ^^

(cross posted :p)
Tuesday, October 12th, 2004
11:30 am

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